Laetitia Bouffard-Roupe – Reference Pack

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Laetitia Bouffard-Roupe

1300+ images – 6000px longer edge

This reference pack features a lot of elegant poses by model Laetitia Bouffard-Roupe. Perfect for poetic and artistic drawings, our model great physique  also makes it perfect for practicing the female gesture and muscles. There are 5 outfits, featured above in the preview images. Our model also poses with various attributes: chairs, couch, wooden box.

Categories: Natural, Heels, Fabrics, Fantasy, Dance

Model: Laetitia Bouffard-Roupe

Laetitia grew up as a professional ballet dancer performing all around europe. In 2018 she started her modelling career, specialising in fine art, ballet and yoga shoots.

Photographer: Steve Maes/ The Vigilante

Steve is a photographer who specializes in cosplay photography. He started out as a cosplayer himself and ended up behind the camera with his own studio.

Art Director: Jens Claessens

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