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All our reference packs work with a unique profit sharing system. It’s a collaboration between me,  the photographer and the model. Everyone gets a cut of the profits. This ensure everyone gets a fair deal when a product is succesfull!

Juggler Poses

573 images – 6000px longer edge

This reference pack is great to study natural movement. All of the juggling poses in this pack were taken while our model was in movement, doing his juggling routines. This makes for really natural looking poses. I’m especially excited about all the different hand and arm positions 🙂 We’ve also added casual poses, and sword and guns of course!

Categories: Cones, axes, throwing knives, balls, bola’s, unicycle, katana, longsword, natural, bow, rifle, acrobatics

Model: Jasper Moens

Jasper is a  3D artist who happens to be really good at juggling.  Cones, knives, axes you name it! He even holds the Guinness World Record for most objects juggled on a unicycle. He’s also looking for a job.


Photographer: Steve Maes/ The Vigilante

Steve is a photographer who specializes in cosplay photography. He started out as a cosplayer himself and ended up behind the camera with his own studio.


Art Director: Jens Claessens


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